I’m into Hypersuitting/HyperFursuitting.

That’s it. that’s the post. I’m really intrigued and interested in a niche interest that so far is divided into different taxonomies in the fetish world, but there’s a lot of common interest with being hyper endowed, being in the fantasy mindset, and showing off towards others who’s into it. I don’t have a fursuit but I have been able to participate in having unrealistically large breasts, for example. I also don’t really know of any communities that share the same focus of interest and kink that I do, or if it exists as one singular umbrella.

So, I figured that I’ll try coining some terms and provide some examples of this fetish that I know about over the years, and I’m hoping to find like-minded people who enjoys it as a whole too.

Hypersuitting/Hyperfursuitting is an expression of hyper-endowed, hyper-sexed beings: massively exaggerated sexual characteristics or other body parts that are equal to or larger than their entire body size. “Hypertrophilia” is a term I’ve rarely heard at times and can easily apply to the humans, but most furries would be familiar with “hyperfurs” and the slang term “Wingerized” based on Doug Winger’s creations.

With that out of the way here’s a bit of examples of Hypersuitting, I’m going to start off first with commercial and older content, such as Mastasia and Farang Ding Dong, which featured models with hyper-sized breasts.

There’s also some overlap with the overall Expansion community such as Bambi Blaze’s work and TaylorMadeClips, where other body parts would be massively inflated and expanded.

Lactation is also a common theme for the massive mammeries too.

Not to mention Futanaria, Mastasia’s spinoff project which featured mostly hypersized cocks.

It hasn’t been until lately that assets have been more accessible, so with hypersuitting, there’s a growing, though small pool of indie creator content. Off the bat I can think of Madzisstacked.

Honestly there isn’t much for hyper dicks in the indie scene, but I have managed to find some content, currently aware of zaynnyzayn as well as marcrocke.

Now for fursuit-adjacent, there’s Breton the Beast, not only a hyper but is multipled-endowed with udders and a huge cock to boot.

Honestly, it’s really hot to both fantasize and also being a hyper, but while hypersuitting really hits all my fetish ticks, I really love it with sort of becoming a character too, so really my aspirational goal is to be a hyperfursuitter >/////< So far what’s really prominent in the fandom is “‘boobsuits” but there’s a small niche of other sort of hyper shenanigans too.

Again, nothing to really group them other hyperfursuitter, because I’ve seen “murrsuit” “softsuit” and other variants thrown around interchangeably, which those same terms also have been applied to “naked human body but furry head”, which… it’s hot but not my huge kink interest. I’m really into the costuming aspect of it and the psychological stimulation that it brings.

So, really, the purpose of this post? It’s a bit more than just talking about what I’m into, but I’m actively looking for, or would be down to create a sort of community that circulates around this sort of content and concept. Especially since, myself, I like doing hypersuitting – I currently have sizable breasts and I do have an overlarged rump padding, but I want to do more, and also show off as a model to others. (and again, would love a hyperfursuit) Hopefully this post would at least be a starting point for an exploration into this fetish and I’d love to see a sort of “hypertrophilic costuming community” to engage in/with. I donno, any leads, do let me know! (discord/telegram: @avtglvjjx)