My name is Alice Clearwater.

I’m from Western New York and I am a six foot tall lizard. I’m trans, plural, and maybe otherkin. 

My main interest is art, and especially furry art. And especially pornography of furry art. 

At the current moment I’m not on any social media platform. I personally struggle with dealing with the information overload, as well as the whole clout mechanics that are behind a lot of platforms. My brain also assembles unrelated topics together and it does cause some paranoia. I quit twitter last April, and I really am trying to avoid the siren call of blue sky, despite how it seems the entire furry base is on it.

what I sort of found myself is socially isolated from the furry fandom. I’m currently in one chat room, but that’s about the extent of my personal reach into the community. I want, and crave more.

Do I personal interests that are outside of furry? Sorta? I used to be into the occult but got disillusioned with it all. I used to care a lot about politics but that was a fools errand in terms of trying to understand the world around me. I have some interest with psychology and philosophy but I hadn’t taken a plunge into it yet, nor do I know where to start.

There has been some baggage and personal experiences that affected how I view furry, but for the most part I have a positive view towards it. A part of me wants to unpack the shit I went through but I’m content with just burying it if I can get to somewhere to grow as a person.

I would like to feel more connected into the furry community, and even have a creative partner who vibes in the same way I do. I don’t know how to reach these goals, but I figured I start with pointing out what I want out of all of this.

I can be contacted here, discord and telegram under the username “Avtglvjjx”. Commissions are open too. Looking forward to hearing from you!