Collection of Hypersuitting/Padding

After making the post about hypersuitting I wanted to share my own experiences! While I always had a history of padding boobage, I didn’t really take pics until around 2017, these three are when I had a simple breast foams from etsy.

in 2019 I made my own breasts using microbead plush pillows wrapped in pantyhose as a makeshift self bra, and then had that under oversized clothing for effect. I did this for about a few years as shown below.

In 2020 I bought some foam butt/ass pads to try out as well.

In 2021 I was gifted a first pair of latex breasts by a friend~ They unfortunately broke within a year but I took a lot of video and some pictures.

In 2022/2023, I saved up for another pair from a different company, and actually love how closer it is to my skin tone – and that leads to where I’m currently at.

Currently, I have a small group of friends I like to share and tease with, but I eventually want to branch out more, and additionally, get even larger breasts. Thanks for checking out a bit of memory lane here. :3